Testimonials for Promotion Protocol:
Unlock the Secrets to Promotability and Career Success

Promotion Protocol showcases how anyone can create and attain a successful pathway to their career growth and advancement. This book is an excellent tool for leaders, supervisors, coaches, and employees, direct-reports, coachees and mentees alike. The guide is built on collaborative strategies for both parties to grow, learn and create a legacy of a new generation of aspiring leaders! Dr. Nugent has authentically and powerfully shared her wisdom, experience, and secrets to attaining career success for senior leadership and those craving for promotion and success.

This book is an excellent way to experience promotability pathway. You will gain clarity going through A to Z and see for yourself HOW you can bring in your passion for exceptional leadership into your work environments. The questions and strategies will fuel you to achieve success in your career, and enhance your promotability. 

If you want to grow in your career, or want to help others achieve success in their career, Promotion Protocol is a must read. Thank you, Dr. Nugent, for your mentorship, rocking advice, strategies and assessment tools.

- Gagan Sarkaria, MFA, MBA | High Achievement Wellness & Business Coach | The Branding Expert

Dr. Kim Nugent has spent her entire career developing leaders at all levels.  She is an authority on performance, talent. and leadership.  In this book, Dr. Nugent provides a fresh perspective on leadership development along with a new coaching framework. Emerging leaders and experienced leaders alike will find new insights worth reading in Promotion Protocol!

- Eddie Turner - Executive & Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and National Media Commentator, The Leadership Excelerator™

Dr. Nugent has made it her career goal to develop individuals within her organization and coaching and encouraging them along the way in a manner that brings out the best in each employee. Her top priority has always been preparing them for their future and she has a long list of successes. This book is an extension of her career accomplishments and is a must-read for your personal career success.

- Roger Walter, SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources

This book really couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and my career. I have worked at my company now for 11 years, I am currently a mid-level manager and have been in my current role for 4 years. As I anticipate the next step and what I need to make myself better, this book provided a lot of clarity and questions that I needed to ask myself. Over the next 26 weeks I am going to practice all 26 chapters with each of my employees. I am anxious to see their results as well as my own. I will report back in 26 weeks with the results!

- Frank Childs, National Oilwell Vargo

Kim Nugent nails it! Kim Nugent understands what communication means and how to cut through the difficulties of motivating staff to achieve maximum performance. Her technique educates employees as to their responsibilities to the organization as well as to themselves and their future.

- Douglas Horn , Past Senior VP. for Patriot American/Wyndham International

Commerce has become very fast-paced and often the most critical conversations with rising talent that will lead to increased revenue are cut short, as time is at a premium.  Promotion Protocol is right on-time for where business is today.  It allows for employees to have a clear lens on expectations to be promoted through a well-outlined process.   This is a great tool for the seasoned manager looking for new ways to work with talent and for a new leader who is just beginning the leadership journey.  The clear framework for both the employee and employer on what the organization needs to succeed is genius.

- Susanne Behrens, College President

This book does an exceptional job at providing you with practical, balanced, and engaging tools to change the landscape from employee and employer to mentee and mentor. Regardless of whether you are at the top already trying to help others get there or climbing your way there, this book provides you with a clear, guided path.

- Cassandra Gaudet, Owner, Real Living by Cass

Promotion Protocol starts with the author’s compelling story.  It is clear she knows what she is talking about.  If you are serious about getting promoted and willing to do the work to advance successfully, this is a great read and a tool for developing your strategy.  If you are responsible for promoting others, this is excellent insight and a resource to guide the process.  If you coach leaders, this is great insight to inform your coaching questions and a great resource to share.  Kim did a fabulous job of organizing the information with the A-Zs of earning a promotion along with tables and worksheets.  Excellent work Kim!

- Cathy Liska, CMC, CDP, ACC, Center for Coaching Certification

Many people speak about leadership these days and Dr. Kim Nugent is the ideal mentor for exceptional leadership because she is personally a proven, effective, and exceptional leader. Her deep and comprehensive mastery of communication strategies and empowering language has allowed her to create a ground-breaking new approach to transformational dialogue. It’s my belief that Dr. Nugent’s methodology will become a foundational practice in every organization desiring to cultivate inspirational leaders within their corporate culture. The world needs more exceptional leaders and Dr. Kim Nugent has developed the tools and the guidance in her books and programs to motivate and mentor the next generation of leaders who will bring us forward in bold and exciting ways.

- Kristen White, Author of #1 Bestseller, Voice: How to Share your Message, Products and Business with the World.

When Dr. Nugent and I first met to start our coaching conversation, I was a warehouse manager. I was very hot and cold, lacking real consistency. I found myself steering away from the difficult conversations and wasn’t the best at building teams or making the existing team any better. Being so focused on the operation I wasn’t making mentoring or coaching my own team a priority. Then came Promotion Protocol, where I read the book, loved it, then selected 4 of my team members to go through it with me again, 26 chapters in 26 weeks. Each week was a 1 hour 1 on 1 discussion, the results were incredible.

Fast forward twenty-six week and here is where I am now. People are going to call BS, but I cannot make this stuff up. After receiving mentoring from Dr. Nugent, reading Promotion Protocol and using it as a tool with my team, I am proud to announce I have accepted the position of Global Director of Inventory & Assets. My first day will be 10/8/2018. Not only is this a promotion for me but it is also going to give 7 other people promotions, so there is real power and opportunity in what you do and what this book brings! 2 of the 7 getting promoted also read the book and would vouch that it changed so many things for them as well.

It is an amazing experience to work with Dr. Nugent! She is an amazing communicator and facilitator. Everyone needs to work with her! You would be doing yourself and your organization a disservice if you do not do it.

Promotion Protocol is a must read and a necessary implementation to your team/direct reports! This book changed my life and the path I was on, and it has created a wake of success for many others.

- Frank Childs, NOV

Testimonials for 52 weeks to Exceptional Leadership

If you own your own business or even if you’re solo, on your own, you get bombarded almost daily from people urging you to take their leadership course or read their leadership book. It’s become so prevalent that I avoid them all. Ah ha! Except this one. Step-by-step, week-by-week, in small bites I can handle, I can begin to understand that it’s about who I’m BEING as a leader that trumps what I think I need to DO. As I tell my clients, “What you say and what you do, in and of itself is insufficient to make a difference as a powerful leader”. And my friend Dr. Kim Nugent takes it one step further as she challenges you through the steps in how to BE an exceptional leader. It’s all in the amazing conversation you’ll find in this book.

- Daniel F. Prosser, CEO Mentor and Best-Selling Author of THIRTEENERS

What an inspiring book and a comprehensive way to look at leadership. As an experienced leader, Dr. Kim Nugent has always had the confidence and courage to communicate her vision to others, commit to what needs to be accomplished, and truly lead by example. As the author of this book, Dr. Nugent manages to provide a dynamic exploration of the challenges and areas that leaders (new and experienced) should focus on today. The way the chapters and topics are laid out allows for an easy-to-use approach to the serious and challenging business of leadership. It’s powerful. It’s practical. If you are a leader or inspire to be one, it’s a treasure to add to your collection.

- Jonathan J. Gonzalez, EdD, The Art Institutes

Kim Nugent is a strategic, inspirational, authentic leader and teacher. I experienced these strengths first hand, as I collaborated and strategized with Kim while president of the Association for Talent Development of Houston.  Her strategic guidance and caring support assisted me in growing and leveraging my strengths as a leader.  Kim’s amazing ability to teach, coach and grow the strengths of others has been translated to this guide.  It’s insightful, easy-to-use, and I highly recommend it for new and experienced managers everywhere.

- Nannette Daugherty, President, Association for Talent Development Houston