Private Coaching

Steve was frustrated and challenged at work. He had been in his midlevel manager position for several years and yet felt invisible even though he was producing results. He knew his supervisor was not going anywhere and felt stuck. He was even thinking he might have to change companies. He was at a crossroads. What he really wanted was a promotion. He knew he needed to develop a successor and had not done so and was not sure how to start.

Does sound like you? You are not alone, and many people get into a career and find they have stalled out and lost the momentum. What do you do? This is where working with a career coach can provide that breakthrough.

Steve and I went to work over a six-month period. At the end of six-months, he was promoted from a unit position to a global position. He developed his successor who was promoted into his position. He also developed six other direct reports and they were promoted. Let’s talk and see how I can help.

Mock Interview

Jason had been unemployed for six months due to a lay off. He was sending out resume sand even got a few interviews but was unable to close the deal. Desperate, he reached out for help. I conducted a series of mock interviews. Through the process discovered his blind spot. The truth is that his body language was so much stronger than the words he was using in the interview it overpowered the communication. We discovered together that if he could let go of the anger he felt towards his former employer, things could shift. Jason was coachable. The following week he went on his dream job interview. Because of our work together, he used what he learned. I am thrilled to say he was given the position and has remained happily employed ever since our time together. If this has happened to you, I get it. Let me help you make the shift and change the outcome.

Resume Review

Gina kept sending out resumes, but nothing was happening. I reviewed her resume and gave her specific feedback on what needed to customized or be eliminated. She used the new resume to apply for a few positions and is now deciding between job offers. Your resume may be too log or may be too short or may be outdated. Things have changed these days when applying for jobs. Learn how to use the tools and tell your story in a more impactful way.

Master Class

Want to learn how to get that dream job or become promoted? Come to the two-hour master class and discover your potential blind spots. If might be your resume, cover letter, interview style, impression management or something else. Your goal is to get you back on track to the pathway to promotability. You might not know where to start but we will develop an action plan together, so you can get back on track. Sign up and we will have fun together and give you the tools you need to position yourself in the right way.