Houston, TX – The intention of the blog series is to have millennials discussing what is important to them while giving advice to older and younger generations in the workforce. The unfortunate state of the workplace from my perspective is too many people stereotype millennials and do not see the immediate value each unique individual brings to the position. No person wants to be stereotyped regardless of their generation.

The exciting thing about being in dialogue with these millennials is the great advice, talent, and  commitment they share in wanting to make a real difference. I know this talent exists across all industries and this blog series will highlight everyday people doing extraordinary things. Fortunately, these young professionals are being recognized in their organizations and there are lessons to learn from each of them.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Luis who is an applications support manager at an oil and gas company. He is 35 years of age. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management with a Minor in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas.

Luis attributes his success at this point to working with a sense of urgency. With success comes complacency and it is in these moments that Luis has kept his foot on the gas pedal in search of continuous improvement in both his professional and personal life.

Luis’s passion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Luis started training about three years ago and loves it. It is a very small part of his life, but it has such a huge impact on his overall health and happiness.

What makes his current work situation ideal is that Luis has a pretty transparent relationship with his current supervisor which makes for a great working relationship. However, his advice to more senior leaders or baby boomer generation managers is not to stereotype people by generation. Luis feels like he has an ‘old school’ mentality when it comes to work. Even though he starts his day at 5:20 am he does not think the work days end after eight hours; it ends when the job is complete that day.

Professionally, Luis has been a manager for the past four years and recently took on additional responsibilities. He is working toward becoming a Director within the next three years.

I asked Luis what advice he had for other young professionals and here is what he said: “Always work with purpose and a sense of urgency”. He has the same advice to younger people coming to work in his industry and that is to work hard and not expect things to be given to you. He works hard not to stereotype younger professionals as he gains more and more experience in his field.

As the interviewer, I would describe Luis’s success in large part because of his strong work ethic, passion, working with purpose, sense of urgency, transparency, and problem solver. Luis has what I call the X-factor, you might not be able to describe it, but you know it when you see it.

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